Ventilated Façade

Types of fixing

Mechanical suspension


The mechanical suspension method allows easy adjustment in depth for the distance between the supporting wall and the fixing point. This regulation is achieved through a rivet that is stuck in the mechanical suspension, which will rotate the bolt and bring closer or move away the stone.


For wall coverings with the mechanical suspension method, Picture 1, the support has an attachment point which is facing up, allowing a good fixation of the material.

For ceilings coverings with the mechanical suspension Omega method, Picture 2, the support has two attachment points, in order to distribute the effort, also avoiding the opening of the fixation holder.

Fixation clamps


It’s the method more frequently used. The fixation clamps are used mainly in concrete and masonry to position the exterior coating for the protection and aesthetics of the building façades.


Taking into account that the fixing bracket resistance is variable, the fixation can be done vertically or horizontally in the joint: the adjustment made in the hole in the wall and the staple enters there.

Propeller fixation


This method is used when there is a need to have two supporting points on the same stone with only one fixing bracket, as it is the case with pillar protection or when the width is less than 250mm.


The fixation is extended by a part with two perforations which will be attached to two fixing hooks. This bracket is always applied on the center of the stone, ensuring a better balance and sustainability of the same.




Ventilated façade main profile


The application of this system is today an ideal solution and widely used for various materials such as ceramic, phenolic panels, polycarbonate, composite cement, compact stone, aluminum, etc. Because of the wide range of finishes, colors and materials on the market, we use different types of fixing for the supporting the main profile.


The fixation is done with the installation of supporting brackets and supporting in the façades main profile in order to fix and level the aluminum profiles, positioned to receive two types of finishing material: at sight fixation or hidden fixation.

At sight fixation

In this system the way of fixing the material to the profile is visible from the outside. In this type of fixation stainless steel clips or rivets are usually used, and these are lacquered in the same color as the coating in order to reduce the visual impact and aesthetic.

Hidden fixation

In the hidden system, the principle of adapting the profile to the architectural elements is the same since the cladding support is not visible. This hidden view is due to the fact that they are made in the back or in the top and bottom of the piece, areas that allow the placement of stainless steel elements, which are bolted to the aluminum structural profile..

There is also the method of hidden fixation by gluing, for low weight materials and products made with high strength and durability, ensuring a good fixing of the coating to the profile.





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