Ventilated Façade


Elements that constitute a ventilated façade

External cladding

It has mainly an aesthetic function and also protects the wall of the building;

Air box

It allows natural ventilation of the wall which is the essential aspect for the functioning of the system;

The fixing structure where the system is installed

It is usually metal and has the function of giving stability to the system. The air box is obtained by the space created by this structure;


It should be applied on the wall of the building in order to guarantee its thermal stability.


> Natural stone;

> Clusters of stone;

> Ceramic tiles;

> Phenolic panels;

> Fiber-cement.

It is important to mention that all materials used in the construction of a ventilated façade should be selected according to the environment where they will be exposed, to avoid a rapid deterioration, corrosion or rotting.

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