Ventilated Façade

Technical characteristics


All fastenings are made of stainless steel A2 and A4, depending on the characteristics of the surrounding environment of the façade. The fastening used should always be related to the characteristics of the support material, the size of the coating and the intended air box.


The cladding may be subject to dilatations in three directions, hence the importance of movement joints. These joints should be kept unobstructed and in case of a "dry" joint, (downgrade of the stone to hide the bolts), should always have a minimum air-gap of 2mm.

Air box

The air box is very important in ventilated façade because it allows the airing of the surrounding elements. Therefore there must be a minimum air box of 2cm, from the support structure to the cladding in case insulation does not exist, and from the cladding to the isolation if this one is present.

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